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December 1st Update

Well, here we are in December and getting very close to Christmas.  It was an extremely busy November with Elements, with more orders and activity than ever before.  Thank you to everyone who has chosen Elements for their holiday shopping, we truly appreciate it.

In December we are planning on winding down for the end of the year with a couple different promotions.  

First of all we are unveiling an awesome custom POP! project.  Customize your very own frontline worker.  Maybe you, or someone you know has been working hard to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the healthcare industry.  Why not thank them with a special custom Funko POP! figure.  There are limited amounts available, so check out the link on the menu and send in a request for your very own!

Secondly Elements will be closing the showroom for 2 weeks at Christmas time.  This doesn't mean that you still can't shop online as operations will continue behind the scenes, and you can expect great savings on Boxing Day!

Third, with the success of the business in November and over the course of 2020, we are looking at implementing and improving our operations further in 2021.  For instance we are looking at revamping our Custom POP! program and should have further details on how you can go about getting your next custom POP! commission from Elements.  Stay tuned to our social media and right here on the website for more info as it becomes available!

That is it for now, so thanks once again and have a great holiday season!

Late October Update

Hey gang, Jesse here with an update on some of the recent things that we have been up to at Elements.


First of all we were named as a finalist for the Greater Parkland Region Chamber of Commerce award for Growth and Community Award of Distinction!  Although we didn't win it was great to be recognized by our community and peers for our achievements throughout the year.  It's been a challenging year for our team at Elements as we all went through personal trials and tribulations due to the economic effects of COVID-19.  It is a testament to our group that we came together and made massive improvements across the board for Elements and were able to weather the storm of the pandemic for great success in 2020.  We have just over 2 months to go in 2020 and we still have lots in store for everyone for the rest of the year!


We were also lucky enough to be able to sponsor the Walking Dead house this year. If you haven't had the chance to visit and get some photo ops, you need to try and make it there this year!   Don't forget to bring your food bank donations and help support a good cause.


It was a busy month for new arrivals, tons of new Funko that you have been requesting arrived as well as multiple waves of other new products.  Thanks to everyone for your patience as we have transitioned fully into our new delivery schedule of once every 3 weeks.  Our next delivery date is tentatively on November 8th, so you still have plenty of time to place an order before then.


We are looking forward to November, we have major releases for Pokemon TCG in the 4th expansion for Sword and Shield:  Vivid Voltage!  As well as the release of Commander Legends.  In addition to this we have a few other surprises up our sleeves as well as our first market of 2020 if all goes well.  Not to mention Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend which will be full of great deals for you guys!

Thanks for reading!

Zendikar Rising!

Zendikar Rising!

Hey folks!

Some exciting news for Elements today as the pre-orders have just gone up for the new Magic the Gathering set:  Zendikar Rising!  This is a really exciting set for many people as it takes them back to the plane of Zendikar where lots of awesome game lore takes place, as well as many returning mechanics that players love as well!

Returning in this set is Landfall!  Abilities that trigger whenever land enters the battlefield opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially for people who love to play mana ramp decks.

Also returning is kicker costs.  Spells that are good, but made even better if you are willing and able to pay more mana to cast them!

A new mechanic is the party mechanic.  Creature types of Rogue, Cleric, Warrior and Wizard make up a full party, and many abilities are made stronger when you have some or all members of a full party present on the battlefields!

And of course the Expeditions return from Battle for Zendikar.  Over 30 different lands from Magic's history return in this set in the form of Expedition cards, available only as booster box toppers, or in the Collector Booster Packs!

Also for this set, Wizards of the Coast is unleashing all new Set Booster Packs.  These packs are designed to be more thematic and fun to open than a regular Draft Booster Pack.  Lots of chances to pull some rare cards, including cards from the MTG "List" which has yet to be revealed.

We are doing some discounted pre order pricing for the Bundle, Collector Booster Box, Draft Booster Box and Set Booster Box right now until September 21st, so get your reservations in while you can as supply will be limited on the pre-orders!

I personally cannot wait to crack into some of these packs!  Remember that Zendikar Rising releases on September 25th and all pre-orders will be fulfilled on that day!  Feel free to post and discuss the newest set and all of it's mechanics in the comments section at the top of the blog post!


Anniversary Sale!

Anniversary Sale!

What's up everybody!  I'm here with a huge announcement for Elements Games and Collectibles!

We are using the 4th anniversary of our showroom and website to launch our brand new look!  New Logo, New Website, Same Great Service!  Take a look at the new digs and let us know how you like it, or how we can further improve it!  Or just help spread the word of the great new look by sharing on facebook, instagram or any of your favorite social media platforms!

In addition to that, we are doing a huge sale to celebrate as well!  We will be doing a different discount code every day for the next week.  Here are all the deals you can expect!

Tuesday Aug. 25:  25% off Funko POP! Exclusives!  Use Code: EXC25

Wednesday Aug. 26:  25% off RPG products!  Use Code: RPG25

Thursday Aug. 27:  25% off Games and Puzzles!  Use Code: G&P25

Friday Aug 28:  Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off on Funko Commons Use Code: FUNKOBOGO50

AND  25% off Gaming Supplies!  Use Code: SUPPLIES25

Saturday Aug 29:  25% off Trading Card Games!  Use Code: TCG25  

Sunday Aug 30:  25% off EVERYTHING IN STORE!  Use Code: ELEMENTS25

In addition to the great sales, we will also be doubling rewards points for every dollar spent.  Instead of 1 pt per $1 spent, you'll get 2 pts for every $1 spent!  That means you will have even more opportunity to save down the road too!

It's been a long journey to get to this point, so thank you to all of our loyal customers, friends and family for supporting us up to this point.  We can't wait to share even more great sales and events over the rest of the year!


- Jesse

September 1st - Shopify Store Opening

September 1st - Shopify Store Opening

Hello and welcome to our first blog for our brand new online store!  

This first post will mostly just be an introduction to the company and the website aimed at helping you learn who we are and how to navigate the site.  After that, you will be able to find enlightening posts from myself or my partner letting you know what is up in our neck of the woods and what is on the horizon for Elements Games Collectibles and Apparel!

It's probably safe to assume that many of you that are on this site know myself or my partner Julia in some fashion and have been told to come check out the site.  However for those of you who don't know us, you can learn more about us on the (you guessed it) "About Us" page of the site.  You can access that page by clicking the link in the last sentence or by accessing the main menu at the top left corner of the page.

In fact, that little 3 lined icon that brings up the menu is the best way to navigate the site.  Everything you need to find is located under that menu.  Whether you want to get back to the homepage, browse our products, check out the latest blog, or brush up on all of our very important policies, you can get at it all from there.   Most of these links are found on the home page as well.  Yeah it's pretty basic, don't need to over complicate things (as I sometimes tend to do).

Now down to the nitty gritty of the website, and that is the products we are trying to to sell to you, our customers!  First of all, you will need to sign up for an account in order to purchase anything off of the site.  The account is free, and very easy to sign up for.  We only need your most basic information for shipping you products.  Name, address and e-mail address.  Nothing else is required.  And don't worry, promotional material is defaulted to be disabled for all new users.  We will use the newsletter to provide you all with the latest and greatest news and events from Elements.

Once you have an account, simply browse our products, add them to the cart and when you are done, checkout!  Taxes and shipping costs will be automatically calculated based on your order's cost and weight. Everything will be laid out on the invoice before you commit, so if things don't add up or you are unsure you want to make the purchase still, you can still back out.  Once you commit to the purchase we will process the order, prepare it for shipping, and then ship it to you within 1-2 days of the order confirmation.  If you are a local buyer, delivery / pickup services are available under very strict circumstances.  Please refer to the taxes and shipping policy in the menu.

All of our policies are available to review in that menu, I do recommend reading them before you make any purchase so you know what you can expect from us, and vice versa.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

That's pretty much it.  We hope the website allows you to see what we have to offer! If you are looking for anything in particular that we don't have or are looking to get some custom jewelry work done, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to try and make it happen for you.

Stay tuned to the blog section for further announcements and current events for us and the store!


Jesse Berube