Zendikar Rising!

Zendikar Rising!

Hey folks!

Some exciting news for Elements today as the pre-orders have just gone up for the new Magic the Gathering set:  Zendikar Rising!  This is a really exciting set for many people as it takes them back to the plane of Zendikar where lots of awesome game lore takes place, as well as many returning mechanics that players love as well!

Returning in this set is Landfall!  Abilities that trigger whenever land enters the battlefield opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially for people who love to play mana ramp decks.

Also returning is kicker costs.  Spells that are good, but made even better if you are willing and able to pay more mana to cast them!

A new mechanic is the party mechanic.  Creature types of Rogue, Cleric, Warrior and Wizard make up a full party, and many abilities are made stronger when you have some or all members of a full party present on the battlefields!

And of course the Expeditions return from Battle for Zendikar.  Over 30 different lands from Magic's history return in this set in the form of Expedition cards, available only as booster box toppers, or in the Collector Booster Packs!

Also for this set, Wizards of the Coast is unleashing all new Set Booster Packs.  These packs are designed to be more thematic and fun to open than a regular Draft Booster Pack.  Lots of chances to pull some rare cards, including cards from the MTG "List" which has yet to be revealed.

We are doing some discounted pre order pricing for the Bundle, Collector Booster Box, Draft Booster Box and Set Booster Box right now until September 21st, so get your reservations in while you can as supply will be limited on the pre-orders!

I personally cannot wait to crack into some of these packs!  Remember that Zendikar Rising releases on September 25th and all pre-orders will be fulfilled on that day!  Feel free to post and discuss the newest set and all of it's mechanics in the comments section at the top of the blog post!


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