Business Check-In

Hey Folks, Jesse here again.  Just wanted to pop in and talk to you guys about some minor changes happening at the business.

First of all many of you may have noticed the Hold for More option at checkout and maybe wondered what this was all about.  Essentially this option was created so that customers who have already chosen local delivery can continue to add on more stuff to their delivery without paying additional fees.  If you have already chosen the local delivery option at checkout on a previous order, you can use this option on future orders until your product is delivered. If you haven't already chose local delivery and paid the delivery fee, we will contact you before our next delivery date and either set up the delivery or ship the product via mail.  Our hold area is starting to get quite full so we will be looking to resolve some of our holds over the next few weeks and get them to you, our customers!

Secondly, we are going to be taking a different route with our Magic the Gathering pre orders.  We have been experiencing some major shortages and allocations from our supplier on our new release MTG products.  This is generally due to manufacturing issues from Wizards of the Coast.  This has put some of our pre-orders in jeopardy and we've had to make special concessions to ensure our customers are getting their full quantities.  

In order to avoid this, moving forward we will no longer be doing paid pre-orders for MTG products, but instead doing an early bird system.  Once we receive word on our quantities that we will be getting shipped (usually 1-2 weeks prior to release) we will be putting up a limited amount of product at early bird pricing for customers to order.  Once those quantities are gone, the remaining incoming quantities will be put up for sale on release day at regular price.

We will also be increasing our quantities moving forward into the new releases in 2021, so hopefully we will see increased quantities of allocations as well in case there are continued shortages in the new year.

That's it for today, but stay tuned for a few more announcements over the next month as we get geared up for Black Friday and the Holiday Shopping Season!



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