Updates to Shipping Options & Schedule

Updates to Shipping Options & Schedule

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to update everyone on some new shipping options and schedules starting on September 1st, 2020 (might be implemented already on August 31)

As some of you may or may not know, I will be returning to my full-time job on September 1st.  This will prevent me from fulfilling our shipping schedule obligations as often as we were before.  This, coupled with a decrease in our customer's use of this service has caused us to modify our shipping options and schedule.  

Shipping Schedule

We will now only be doing deliveries roughly once every 3 weeks.  These days and dates will vary based on my availability.  We will do our best to do deliveries at the very least every three weeks, but there is no guarantees.

The next tentative delivery date will be listed with delivery option at checkout, so you can have an idea of when you should see your delivery arrive.  Again, this is tentative and some factors may cause us to deliver before or after that date.  We will do our best to always adhere this date, but some factors such as weather or availability might change that.

We will update our order notifications as well to inform you of this tentative delivery date.  In addition our delivery app has been working to our knowledge, so you should also receive an e-mail notification on the day that your product is being delivered, and after it has been dropped off.

Shipping Options

Local Pick-up

Continue to use this option if your intention is to pick up your order.  If you are planning on making multiple orders before making the trek out, please still use this option, as it will help us keep all of the pickups organized in our system.

Hold for More (3 Weeks Max hold)

We will hold your products that you order in our showroom for a maximum of 3 weeks before we look to either ship them or add them to our local delivery schedule.

Flat Rate Shipping - Alberta - $15

Unfortunately due to rising carrier rates, we have had to increase our Alberta Flat Rate shipping to $15.00.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

No other changes have been made to shipping and delivery options.

Please contact us with any special requests or if you require further information about your order and when it might be delivered or shipped.  We will do our best to accommodate our customers in a way that is both fair to them and efficient to our business operations.


Jesse Berube


Elements Games and Collectibles Ltd. 


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